World geography 2 assignments | Architecture and Design homework help

World geography 2 assignments | Architecture and Design homework help


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Hello All,
       As promised, here is an extra credit assignment.  It is due 5NOV20 at 10P.  Please remember to make this a practical list that you may actually start doing.  Also, plz remember, it takes each of us to make a difference for all of us.      
Part one:  List ways that you, as an individual, can realistically help conserve our natural resources by saving energy.  This can be a numbered list or just a bullet pointed list.  Please make sure this is a realistic/logical list not just something that sounds good.  For example, don’t put down installing a metal roof with solar panels and/or buying a hybrid or all electric car unless you really do have the $$$$ to go to that extent and plan on doing just that.

  Unplug electrical devices that are considered energy thieves that you aren’t using like a toaster oven
  Turn out the lights in a room when you aren’t in there   

Part two:  List ways that you, as an individual, can realistically cut down on your plastic usage. 

  Don’t drink bottled water – use a reusable cup or Yeti type container
  Don’t buy individually wrapped cheese slices

Part three:  List ways that you can make and use environmentally cleaning products from household products you probably already have at home. 

Use baking soda and vinegar to keep your drains clean and odor free
Use table salt and ice on coffee burned on the bottom of a glass coffee pot and swish it around to clean it

Presentation/Research Assignment(R920)
     This required Presentation/ Research Assignment must be in the form of a slide show presentation lasting at least 8-10 minutes and is worth 50 points. 
     It may help to remember with any research project involving geographical studies we pursue in this class, we examine all the aspects of geography such as culture, current issues, economy, politics, the environmental condition and physical attributes of a state/country, history as it relates to today’s world, religion, language and of course globalization and sustainability.
      The topics will hopefully fit in with your academic, personal and/or professional interests.  Have fun with this.
        To earn as many points as possible make sure to comply with all of the following:

Do not use any premade/commercial videos in support of your presentation. The only acceptable videos you may use are ones that you have created yourself. 
Make eye contact with your audience/camera.
Use at least three reliable sources and include those in a separate Bibliography page, Sources Cited or Reference page that must be submitted in electronic form. TURN IN
Have separate legible explanatory notes, hand printed or computer generated, with all five lines of the proper header to be used in conjunction with your presentation. Submit them after the end of your presentation.  TURN IN 
Visual aids are to be in support of what you’re presenting to the class only and should not have everything you’re going to say on it. For example; do not read to us from the slide nor should you show any videos that you have not created yourself.
A completed evaluation form with your name, your group #, the title of your presentation and whether or not you give me permission to use any or all parts of your presentation needs to be sent to me, the instructor, before you are scheduled to present your slide show. TURN IN 
I will need a copy of your slide show sent to me after you present it. TURN IN 
Use your own easy to understand words and language so your presentation comes across as being authentic and from the heart.
Practice, practice, practice.


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