What Is Physical Abuse Essay

Her head was pounding from the sudden blow. Blood was running down the side her face as she began to remember. He had tormented her, degraded her feelings, and took away her financial stability. She felt forever trapped as she was the only one to witness such vile acts. “There is no one here to see this. There is no one here to save me from what happens inside these walls” she whispered, voice cracking.
Victims like this must go through the injustice of not being able to feel safe in their own home or even their own skin. Whether it be inflicting harm for the victim through physical abuse, toying with their emotions through emotional abuse, or financially controlling them through financial abuse, abusers find ways for many women to suffer from domestic abuse in their daily lives.
Physical abuse is one of the many aspects of domestic abuse. This type of abuse is most known as it can be seen with one’s own eyes. However, physical abuse doesn’t always have to happen on the victim. In many cases, physical abuse can happen somewhere near the victim. It shows that “When a partner is violent near or around you, doing things like punching a hole in the wall, the message is ‘Next time this could be your head’” (Carlson 146).


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Numerous amounts of people will brush off the incident and believe that it will not mean anything in the future but this sort of act can escalate quickly and leave the victim in shambles. If this message is given, the abuser is releasing their anger on an object physically and it will not be long before the abuser directs their anger on their victim – the one who caused their distress. Once they direct their anger on the victim, it can lead to extreme violence that the victim is not capable of keeping under control. Sam is a victim who had been physically abused herself. She speaks out about one of the stories of her journey with physical abuse:
I was at home and I cooked his dinner…he came home when the food was on the table. He was like ‘Oh, it’s too cold,’ so I put it in the microwave and warmed it up. I gave it to him and he said it was too hot…and you start to get this worried feeling like ‘It’s going to happen. He’s going to hurt me.’ He threw the plate and smashed it against my head and he started beating me up and kicking me on the floor and punching. (Sam?)
This is an example of severe physical abuse. Here, the abuser takes a typical, simple misunderstanding and exaggerates it until it reaches its full capacity. In most cases, those who are in healthy relationships would be able to work this out without it becoming physical. The victim shows that she has the constant worry of not wanting to go against the abuser’s needs. Thus, they are always tip toeing around the abuser and the second they do something even the slightest bit wrong, it becomes another heated fight. This instance is just one glimpse of what a day in the life of a physically abused partner must go through.
There are always other cases. Some outcomes of physical abuse could even be fatal. This is one of the more extreme cases of physical abuse. It should be known that “One woman is fatally shot by a spouse, ex-spouse, or dating partner every 14 hours” (“NCADV”). Many do not understand the significance of homicide in physical abuse and do not link this importance to the fact that it still happens. This statistic shows that those who are in domestic abuse relationships are at a very high risk of being killed by their significant other.

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