Week 1: national practice problem exploration | dnp | Chamberlain College of Nursing

Week 1: national practice problem exploration | dnp | Chamberlain College of Nursing


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Mental illness is explained as social, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. Most people are unaware that they have a mental illness that can affect their daily lives. According to the Canadian nursing journal 2017, 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression, and more than 800,000 worldwide die from suicide each year. Waters, Furukawa, and Jorissen (2018) states that mental illness affects 5% of the United States population and is associated with increased morbidity and mortality, which is very costly. This cost includes hospitalization and emergency room visits. I can relate to this statistic, in the emergency room that I was working approximately 1 out of 40 patients present with either suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, or simply just feeling down.
        Week one lesson mention that mental health is the cause of most premature death and disability for both male and female. As per global burden diseases, it’s one of the top illnesses in the nation and worldwide. According to the national institute of health, mental illness accounts for 13 % of the global disease burden, with major depression being the largest contributor. The emergency room that I worked in was a covid designated center in the New York City area. The effect of this pandemic was so devastating to our patients, families, and employees.  The aftereffect has left most of the patients and staff with anxiety and depression. I have triage patient that comes to the ER after catching covid with complains that they are now experiencing anxiety and not sleeping well. This is putting a strain on their health, causing new-onset high blood pressure, weight loss, and loss of appetite. “the covid 19 pandemic will create unpresidential health and social challenges both in the US and international” (Druss B.G,2020).
      The stakeholders who are affected by mental health are nurses, mental health providers, health care facilities, insurance companies, family, and the community. Stakeholders involved in the resolution are the WHO executive board. They are urgings people to protect the rights of people with mental illness. Mental illness can affect anyone at any given time.
The clinical practice guideline used is APA (America Psychiatric Association), provide evidence-based recommendation for the treatment and assessment of mental illness. It can also assist in clinical decision making by presenting systematical development. APA’s guideline development process intended to meet standards for the development of “trustworthy” practice guidelines recommended by the National Academy of Medicine, formerly the Institute of Medicine (IOM). The standards address transparency, management of conflicts of interest, the composition of writing groups, the use of systematic reviews of evidence, articulation, and rating of recommendations, external review, and updating.
    The intervention I would propose is that as a healthcare worker, we should educate ourselves on how to identify and treat early mental illness before it gets severed. We need to look at the person as a whole and figure out what’s the underlining cause of the disease and provide early interventions instead of only looking at the disease itself. By doing so, we might be able to prevent premature death and disability and help patients live a healthy normal life.
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