Waterfront development in queensbay

This research sets the scene by introducing the framework for the general understanding of the research. This will include the introduction of the research and the need of the study. Then, the chapter will also define the goal and objectives of the research and the methods applied for this research. This chapter will finally define the scope and limitations of the study In order to ensure a very good orientation of the research based on a clear defined research methodology and an organization structure of the whole research.
Therefore this study will evaluate the tourism potential based on the riverfront development. In Malaysia, from earliest times, civilizations have been established upon the banks of rivers. In fact many urban cities in Malaysia (such as Koala Lump, Triggering, Malice, Kanata, Jota Barr, and Kicking) grew up along the river or river valley (Andy & Andy, 2001). As a consequence, some of the villages are named after the rivers that run through them, namely “Issuing Renting, Issuing matt and Issuing Kappa in Juror.
After abundance for many years, Malaysia has begun to redevelop waterfront areas (along the riverbank) and Kicking city which is located in Karakas has been selected to initiate this project. The project was proposed by Chief Minister of Karakas mainly for recreational purpose In year 1989 and proceeds for placement granted In year September 1993. The project Is fully funded by the state government of Karakas and managed by the Karakas Economic Development Corporation (SEED) (Karakas subsidiary) (Karakas Economic Development Corporation (SEED), 1990).


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Recently, Koala Lump was confronted with the issue of inadequate marketing Structure Plan 2020. There is an inadequate level of market promotion of the City compared to other major tourist cities. In some international tourist destinations, there are city or regional based tourist boards heavily promoting the destination backed up by a mature tour and travel industry, hoteliers, national and regional airlines and business organizations. This shows that inadequate marketing and promotion of Koala Lump is one of the reasons why tourism potential is not fully utilized. 1. 2. Inadequate promotion of traditional handicraft and souvenir industries. In Koala Lump Structure Plan 2002, it is stated that a large number of tourists are interested in purchasing art works, handicrafts, costume accessories and souvenirs but the market in Malaysia is not as well developed as that elsewhere in the region. In Camping Padding Baling,KILL as stated by Grafting Malaysia Cawing Clangor, there is traditional products can be found here. Among them re batik printing, crook, woodcarving, and company. The potential does exist for expanding this segment of the industry. . 2. 3 Insufficient variety of types of tourist accommodation for the people. Between 1996 and 2000, the total number of hotel rooms in Koala Lump increased by 12. 18 percent from 16,510 to 26,144. The majority of hotels are in the size category of 300 rooms and above. The average occupancy rate (ROR) of hotels in Koala Lump dropped by 15. 3 percent from 76. 2 percent in 1995 to 60. 9 percent in 2000. The decline in ROR affected all size categories of hotels, with the largest decline Ewing 28. 6 percent for hotels in the size category of 50-99 rooms.
There is very little variety in the type of accommodation on offer to serve the diverse requirement and budgets of foreign and domestic tourists. 1. 2. 4 Poor tourism support services and facilities for the tourists. At present, however, some sites still lack adequate facilities for tourists and there is a need for a critical mass of attractions supported by related support services. Insufficient support facilities for tourists and lack of timely information and high search costs as stated in Koala Lump Structure Plan 2020. ALERT and commuter rail usage has been encouraging.
However, optimal usage has still to be achieved due to inadequate interchange facilities at stations including car,lack of integration between rail-based stations and poor support services including inadequate feeder bus frequency and service coverage. Despite the improvements to the bus system and road infrastructure, bus utilization is low, primarily as a consequence of route duplication, unreliable service frequency, overcrowding during peak hours and the poor condition of buses. The bus service is under utilization and the service is unreliable and poor quality.

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