W7t | Government homework help

W7t | Government homework help


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1. Nice run down.  You state, “Nuclear threats are posed by bitter rivalry countries such as the Middle East, Asia, and several others, endanger global security. These bitter countries increase the risk of a nuclear weapon being utilized in a deliberate attack.”  There are new ones we can expect if Iran gets nukes for instance.  Which country just this week said they would get their own nukes if Iran is successful in developing their own?  What are the implications of this?

2. Thanks for your discussion post here in week 7 on intelligence oversight and ethics. For my follow up question on the topic for this week, I would like to ask you to please take a quick look at the DHS Intelligence Oversight interim guidance, and if have time to skim over Senator Coburn’s recommendations on this issue. In the Senator’s fourth point he states “DHS’s must focus on respecting American citizens’ constitutional rights and focusing on the proper role of the federal government to restore and earn their trust”. Then I would like you to briefly share your thoughts on the state of DHS intelligence enterprise oversight. If you like, you can share what improvements (if any) you would recommend for intelligence oversight of the DHS intelligence enterprise.

3. Nice run down.  You state, “Posse Comitatus Act is a law that does not allow the willful use of all parts of the army or air force in the execution of the law unless authorized by the constitution or a congress act. The constitution does not allow military involvement in the affair of civilians.”  Why does this not apply to the National Guard?  What is the difference?

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