Us history primary source analysis 600-800 words

Us history primary source analysis 600-800 words


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Included in this assignment is a copy of the City of Memphis v. Martin Luther King, Jr., [et al.] 1968 answer to plaintiff document. After you have read this primary source, answer the questions below. You are encouraged to draw from our other course readings when suitable to assist with your interpretation. Each response should be 150-175 words. Include all response answers in a single .doc file formatted in 12-point, double spaced, times new roman font. Upload your document to the 2111 dropbox. 
1. What can we discern about the types of charges the defendants were facing based upon this document? 
2. Does this document reveal anything about the purpose or method of their Civil Rights activities in Memphis? 
3. What are some of the limitations we face when studying a historical event through the lens of legal documents? What are some of the benefits? 

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