University of South Florida History of Meditation and Meditation Therapy Presentation


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  1. Describe the meditation therapy and expected outcome in detail. What is the current definition? What is its application to the holistic individual? What might a person experience?
  2. Give the history of the chosen therapy. Who is the originator? What ancient modality is it modeled after?
  3. What are the benefits, costs, and availability locally?
  4. What are the contraindications and adverse effects of therapy?
  5. Is this therapy suitable for all individuals? Address all age groups from infant to senescence using Erikson’s stages of development.
  6. Is this therapy acceptable to other disciplines of health care team currently? If not, do you see it being accepted in the future?
  7. Describe the education or certification needed for a nurse to perform this therapy with a client(s).
  8. Describe the health education needed for the patient and family to use this method on their own. How would you direct them to find ‘legitimate’ information?
  9. Include information of when a client can self-treat and when they need to seek medical attention.
  10. Include citations of evidenced based research in your presentation.
  11. Include one anecdotal case study or response to the chosen therapy.
  12. Include an interactive slide that those viewing can participate in or s short video of the therapy being performed.
  13. Use a minimum of 5 references.

Prepare a PowerPoint slide presentation, containing a of 15-16 slides. Include a slide with your references

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