understanding classical sociology:marx,durkheim,weber



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Directions: Write a story that articulates your sociological imagination. Your story will
have a beginning, middle, and an end. It will have a hero(s) and villain(s). It will have
surprises, twists, and turns. There will be drama. There will be intellectualism and there
will be heart/emotion. It will have a plot with a clear overall message that helps you
convey your sociological imagination (i.e. a plot device). The purpose of final paper
option #2 is to articulate your sociological imagination (i.e. your understanding of what
sociology means) in an original and narrative way. Use the people and plot in your story
to do this. The fictional story is, in a sense, a hypothetical example of your sociological
imagination. Use anything and everything you learned this semester during audio lectures
and during your homework assignments to help you reflect and construct your
sociological imagination. Then create a clear story that illustrates your sociological
imagination in gripping and entertaining ways. Be clear. Be creative. Be weird if you
want. And most of all, know what your sociological imagination is.
sources include the book understanding classical sociology marx weber durkheim by john a hughes wes sharrock peter j martin
and any other sources concerning the ideals and or people mentioned above…Valid scholarly sources

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