Types Of lovers In Shakespeare

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– The love of Romeo for Juliet, Orlando for Rosalind, and Hamlet for Ophelia – how do these three men love? Is Shakespeare a feminist maybe? What is common between the way they love their women and what differs?
-You should provide sufficient evidence (examples, quotations, interpretation of particular images) that support your central claim. Try to decide how relevant and credible these statements are as support for your thesis. Consider whether together they provide sufficient grounds for your readers to agree with your thesis. The relevance of the sources that you have selected, as well as the relevance of the quotations, paraphrases and summaries you have incorporated in the text will add to the quality of your support. They will also add to your ethos. What you say should be related to what they say. Importantly, your voice should be heard, too. You cannot afford to quote and paraphrase only.
-The introduction should provide information that is relevant to the debatable question. It should also be sufficient to enable your readers to understand what exactly that question is, why it is debatable, and why you have taken the position that you state in your thesis. Depending on the topic, you could give a brief historical account or focus on the social significance of the issue. You should also inform the reader about the controversy around your topic. The thesis, i.e. your thesis—the sentence or pair of sentences containing the direct statement of your position/ main claim on the topic— should clearly state your position / main claim and indicate the shape of your argument. The thesis, which usually comes at the end of the intro, had better “telegraph” for the reader the content of the main body of the paper.


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I have included some academic articles that may or may not be useful.

For more information on Types Of lovers In Shakespeare read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shakespeare%27s_late_romances

The post Types Of lovers In Shakespeare appeared first on Australia Assessments.

The post Types Of lovers In Shakespeare appeared first on Australia Assessments.

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