The Research Process

The Research Process

Base on the research study by Jianghong et al (2017), the aim was to conduct a cohort study to find the cognitive functioning relationship of the role sleep in fish consumption. The main problem of the research was that there was a perceived difference in cognition abilities between children who consumed fish at high rates than those who did not. At this time, the meditating pathways had not been established to determine whether this claim was true. As a result, the purpose of the study was to determine any relationship between fish consumption, sleep and cognitive abilities more so among children (Liu, Cui, Li, Wu, Hanlon, Pinto-Martin, Hibbeln, 2017).

The study further elaborated its hypotheses which would guide in the research. First, there was an assessment of an association between frequent fish consumption, fewer sleep disturbances and high IQ levels among school children. Second, there was an assessment of whether economic and social confounds were associated with the relationship between high fish consumption, high IQ levels and sleep (Liu et al., 2017). Lastly, there was an assessment of whether the relationship between high fish consumption, sleep, and high IQ levels mediate the quality of sleep in children.

A longitudinal research design was used in the study where the participants were young school children not exceeding twelve years were used. The sample size was 541 children selected from different areas within China. From the results obtained, only two of the hypotheses were accepted (the first and second). The third was rejected because it was found that the relationship between high fish consumption, sleep, and high IQ levels were not mediated by the quality of sleep (Liu et al., 2017).

From the conclusion, it was determined that some nutrients in fish prove to be vital dietary nutrients that improve the health of children. In essence, the findings indicated that frequent fish consumption is essential in reducing sleep problems as a result improve the long-term cognitive functioning in children.

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