The Constant Gardener Questions

The storyline is about the following of the murderer of one humanitarian and activist woman who was following about a harmful tuberculosis drug in a trial to treat the victim of the disease in Kenya without consideration of the side effects (Butts, H. M, 2006). Conducting the stance in the film is possible in reality. There have been various cases where people even outside armed investigation department risk performing dehumanizing acts undertaken in the diverse field of study.  Also, production of a film is mostly shot over the possible or already done acts in real life.

    The experimental drug is seen to be conducted by one renowned and an influential pharmaceutical company that has the most influence in the field. The power behind the company makes it hard to have dirty deeds uncovered hence safeguarding it from exposure to the public.

    It’s unethical for any medical related company to use a dangerous treatment or medicine on people whether influential or not (Le Carre, & Hoffman, 2001). This company that Tessa a humanitarian and an international amnesty activist had been following and risking overtime to uncover the truth and have it refrains from using such a dangerous tuberculosis treatment on sufferers without any consideration.  The pharmaceutical company had been using the Kenyan population to make trials with the medication by disregarding their well being just because the community is viewed as underprivileged (Abbara, A, 2006).

    The nurse cannot act as an advocate in this case, but she can help to fight the rights of the victims treated with the medication in question (Mawson, S, 2006). The nurse could be of help if she could volunteer without fear and act as a witness to what she knows about the medication and the harmful effects it poses to the tuberculosis sufferers.

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