Swot Analysis of Balagtas

Industries such as ceramics/pottery, furniture, garments, gifts/house ware/decors and metal craft A first class urban municipality in Vulcan 1 Proximity to Manila with Just a few minutes of travel by car The Macarthur Highway bisects the municipality of Ballasts as this national road cuts northward to the ‘locos region. L Schools are within walking distance of a large number of residential areas so walking to school is an option.
There are several amenities such as Robinsons Supermarket, Panamanian Banyan Eng Ballasts, churches, schools, and city administration services. The spacious park in front of the town hall has provided a central place for community gatherings. The monument of Francisco “Ballasts” Ballista adds to the municipality identity. The presence of public services and facilities is an economic strength.
Community support for tourism development Lack of consistent landscaping Lack of pedestrian pathways Lack of appropriate signage upon entering the municipality Lack of adequate sidewalks The assortment of businesses is considered to be unplanned. Inconsistency of appearance, in regards to building design and placement, landscaping, and property maintenance, for example some buildings are located adjacent to the right-of-way while others have setbacks. There are no design standards when it comes to architecture and streetcar.


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The visual appearance of the infrastructure, particularly the overhead power lines, does not benefit the streetcar along Macarthur Highway. The storm water drainages and sewer are sometimes ineffective and have a negative appearance, especially when not maintained.

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