strength of material

CMCE 1215 – Strength of Materials Prof. J. McIntosh
Fall 2020
Project #1
Wood Framing Plan
Shear and Bending Moment Diagrams
Due Date: Friday, December 4, 2020 (Beginning of Class)
For your case number, perform the following calculations and computer analysis for each of the following beam
A. Simple supported – Beam J1
B. Simple supported overhang beam, with planter – Beam J2
C. Simple supported overhang beam with hot tub and planter – Beam J3
1. Draw to scale a Complete Loading Diagram, Shear Diagram, and Bending Moment Diagram for each of the
three beams (top of drawing as left hand side of diagram). Use engineering quality graph paper. Fully Label
the Shear & Moment Diagram with: maximum M, points of zero shear, all required points in #2 below.
2. Shear & Moment: At the 2/3 X point from the left reaction (top of page) perform a calculation by taking a
section to the left of the point (å LEFT = 0), confirming the Shear and Bending Moment for each of the beams
at that point in comparison to your shear and moment diagrams. All calculations must include a
neat clearly labeled sketch (F.B.D.) showing all loads acting on that section of the beam.
3. Using a shear and moment diagram online calculator determine the Shear and Moment diagrams of each of
the three beams. Examples of free online calculators include: and Fully label the Shear & Moment diagram. (maximum M, points of zero shear).
Submit all work neatly fastened on 8 ½ x 11 engineering type paper as follows and in this order:
A. Cover Page – Include your name, course #, case #, project name, date submitted, date due (if
late, write late on the cover).
B. Instruction pages and framing plan.
C. Support calculations for Beams J1, J2 and J3 reactions: This should consist of the loading
diagram, FBD (drawn to an approximate scale) and reaction calculations. D. Calculations
for item “2” above.
E. Hand drawn solution for the shear & bending moment diagram. Fully label the shear & moment
diagram (maximum M, points of zero shear, all required points in #2 above).
F. Online calculator computer printout of shear and moment diagrams for beams J1, J2 and J3.
• All pages should have your name, date, CMCE 1215 and be numbered
• Late projects (after beginning of class and until the end of the due date) will be penalized (-
50%). After this time frame late projects will not be accepted.
CMCE 1215 Strength of Materials – Project #1
Wood Framing Plan – Shear and Bending Moment Diagrams
Framing Plan – Dimensions & Loading
First letter of last
name of student “X”
A to C 16 4
D to H 18 4
I to N 20 4
O to R 12 4
S to Z 14 4
Uniformly Distributed Load
First letter of first
name of student Live Load (p/ft2) Dead Load
A to C 30 25
D to H 30 15
I to N 35 20
O to R 40 15
S to Z 35 10
* Hot Tub Weight when full of water 2,000 pounds.
** Assume Palm Tree planters are a point load with a weight of 250 pounds (each)


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