Strategic role of human resources | human resources issues and problems

Strategic role of human resources | human resources issues and problems


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Week One Discussion Questions: Strategic Role of Human Resources (Oct 21 – 27, 2020)
Available until Tuesday, October 27, 2020 11:59 PM EDT Must post first.Subscribe
After reading the assigned material for the week, post your original response to the questions by 11:59 PM EST Saturday and your responses to your colleagues by 11:59 PM EST Tuesday.  You want to include a minimum of 2 references from the classroom for each question/response. In addition, make at least two value added responses to your classmates. 
Discussion One:  Describe, in your own words (but using the course material provided):
a) What internal and external factors have influenced the Human Resource Management function over the past ten years toward serving in the role of a strategic partner or leader in the organization?  Discuss some positive and negative contextual influences that will continue to impact the HR function from today forward.
b) Explain what it means to be an effective HR strategic business partner. Why is it important for HR to be involved in all aspects of the strategic planning process? Discuss one example of a human resource management strategy that supports an organizational strategy.
c) What factors could be holding HR professionals back from serving in the strategic HR role? Share some ideas or strategies for enabling HR to be more successful toward working in a strategic capacity.
Be sure to provide the references for the sources of the information you used to inform your comments including the material provided in the classroom.
Discussion Two:  Application: After reading the case study about the organization HSS in the module included in this course for this week, do the following:
Write a memo to the CEO of HSS in which you justify HR’s role in drafting a strategic plan. The report should be written using language the CEO will understand and can relate. The document should be complete enough to convince the CEO of the importance of the HR function being part of the strategic plan at HSS.
It is important for you to locate and include academic sources (at least two) that support the content in the memo. You must show the reader that what you assert is accepted practice at other companies or organizations. You may use a word document if you like or provide your proposal in the content of your response window.

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