Stigma of Mental Health

Week 15 Discussion – The Stigma of Mental Health


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This week we discussed a variety of mental health conditions. While we have made great strides in this country towards being more understanding and inclusive of individuals that suffer from these conditions, there still exists a very pronounced stigma. I would like for you to consider this while you answer the following questions:

1). Why do you believe there is a stigma about mental health conditions in this country? How do you think it developed and why do you think it continues to this day?

2). What can you do in your everyday life to stop this stigma from continuing to the next generation?


Outside sources are NOT accepted. I am much more interested in your opinions and how well you can form your own ideas and thoughts (AS IF YOU WERE ME). DO NOT TAKE INFORMATION FROM WEBSITES AND USE THEM AS YOUR OWN WORK!

The below link is to the chapter video for this discussion. I have also attached the PowerPoint Presentation for this week to help you. For more information on the Stigma of Mental Health  check on this:

The post Stigma of Mental Health appeared first on Australia Assessments.

The post Stigma of Mental Health appeared first on Australia Assessments.

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