Soldier analysis

The soldier on the left images looked like he was cheering or almost getting hostile because he is wielding a sword and a gun. Although the soldier that is holding the gun up in the air doesn’t have a trigger on the gun, so he may not be a hostile. The figure on the right felt more like a calm soldier ready for an order because he has his rifle down. In class we also analyze the thought bubble above the soldier’s head.
The left soldier above his head as a complicated and more random line. There is anger or frustration but he may also see things clearly unlike the soldier on the right. The soldier that is more come has more of an organize structure as it will only follow by order unlike the line from the right. An image that I analyze is an ad camping of the issue of banning guns in America. This image has a two side off story. There are two children and they are both set in a gym as a school setting.
Two of the children are holding objects but one f the children is holding something that has been banned in America. The child on the left is holding a dodge ball and the child on the right is holding an assault rifle. The ad message says “One child is holding something that’s been banned in America to protect them. Guess which one. ” And a message on the bottom that gave the answer, “We ban the game dodge ball because it’s viewed as being too violent. Why not assault weapons? The ad is giving a statement that a children’s activity is being anted because it can hurt other children from playing dodge ball and while a gun can kill a person, if a dodge has been ban in America then guns should be banned because it is also too violent. You can also see children looking worry or innocent, and it could mean that anyone with an innocent face could start a shooting spree. The ad campaign is probably a direct message for adults, not everyone young generation has played dodge ball, but older adults have in their childhood but never worrying about their own classmates shooting someone.


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