Site logistics plan – use bluebeam

Site logistics plan – use bluebeam


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OBJECTIVES: Prepare Site Logistics Plans for the NAU SAS Building for the different stages of the project as follows: – Site utility, earthwork and caisson drilling – Superstructure erection – Building enclosure – Interior Finishes & Building Services 

This is a company assignment. All team members shall contribute to the different aspects of the Site Logistics preparation and brainstorm ideas and solutions together. You need to submit a list of the different tasks you assigned to each team member and indicate who worked on which site logistics plan. The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your abilities to apply site logistics knowledge gained over previous classes during your time in the CM Program.

INSTRUCTIONS: *****ONLY CHOSE ONE STAGE****** I prefer Site utility, earthwork, and caisson

Step 1: Review your schedule and the main activities, along with the project’s scope of work, and decide what stages of construction will require a change in site logistics plan. 
You will need to provide a site logistics plan for each stage. 
Consider the following: 
 Site utility, earthwork and caisson drilling 
 Superstructure erection 
 Building enclosure 
 Interior Finishes & Building Services 

Step 2: What items will you need to show on your site logistics plans? Consider the following at a minimum: 
 Overall location of the project 
 Site fencing 
 Workers access to the jobsite 
 Visitors access to the jobsite 
 Equipment & Materials delivery access to the jobsite 
 Emergency Access for First Responders (Fire Department, Police) 
 Location of jobsite trailer
 Location of First-Aid 
 Temporary Utilities 
 Location of any means of loading/unloading (cranes) 

Step 3: Using a computerized tool of your choice, prepare a graphic representation of your Site Logistics plan for each stage of construction. 

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