Sharing a Room Is Difficult

Sharing a room is difficult. Having a younger sister means mess, mess, and more mess. I try to arrange things a certain way and find them completely changed by the time I get home at the end of the day. Despite the downsides of sharing, I love my room because of the way it has changed throughout the years.
The first thing you notice as you enter my bedroom is the blue stars on the white walls, and the cherry laminated wood flooring. The size of the room is not big neither small, just average sized. There is only one window which is on the far right corner, which lets the sunlight in every morning. We have a big mirror on the side facing the dresser and my bed.
My bed is my favorite thing in my room. After a long day of studying or working out I get to relax on a soft, comfortable, full sized bed. It has a Dodger blue colored comforter set, and about a dozen pillows. There are usually two to three college books laying there for unfinished homework.


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Space for me is important. I like to have everything in place and very clean. My biggest obstacle is having enough room for my clothes in the closet. Everything is arranged into shirts, sweaters, and coats on one side; and jeans or sweats on the other. Workout shoes, tennis shoes, and heels are all nicely put on the bottom according to color.
Movie nights are usually held at my house and in my room so I have a variety of comedies, action, and thriller movies. My all time favorites include: Gone in Sixty Seconds, Crash, A Walk to Remember, and Love and Basketball. I also have an Xbox in my room for when my brother wants to play Call of Duty. The television is my wakeup call every morning.
I have a bookshelf filled with about thirty books. Some from high school other’s just for my enjoyment. I enjoy reading books other people recommend or books that grab my attention. Some of my favorite books you will definitely find on the top shelf are: Dear John, The Lovely Bones, and My Sister’s Keeper. I would usually get home and read for about half an hour on my warm and cozy bed.

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