Searching for the Best Evidence

Searching for the Best Evidence

Level I is the level of evidence that best answers the clinical question of how effective corticosteroids is in treating rheumatoid arthritis. The level involves the use of a meta-analysis or a systematic review of the relevant randomized control trials (RCTs). Guidelines on best evidence-based clinical practices from different systematic reviews of RCTs with similar results can also be used in the study. “Corticosteroids in Rheumatology: Use, Misuse or Plain Abuse” is an article by Rohini Handa on a meta-analysis of various clinical researches to summarize the health implications of using corticosteroids in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (Handa, 2012). The report is significant in evidence-based clinical practices as it offers a comprehensive source of information on the drug. The researcher used twenty-four other research material on related works to come up with the meta-analysis.

Using the relevant database can make it easier to find the desired outcomes of a research. It also helps to acquire reliable information that can be applied to clinical practices. is a database bearing registry and outcomes of various clinical researches both privately and publicly sponsored studies from different parts of the world (, n.d.). The keywords from the PICOT question used to search for the article were “corticosteroids” and “rheumatoid arthritis”. Exclusive integration of relevant electronic record system was the strategy used to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the search.

In locating the article in database, Boolean connectors played a major role in enhancing the success of the search. These connectors include the use of “and”, “or” and “not” (University of Minnesota, n.d.). They are used to ensure optimal results in a search. In this case, corticosteroids and rheumatoid arthritis were used in the search.

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