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1- Close ALL Applications and go offline 2- Open GoogleSketchUpProMEN. DMG and Install (This is version 8. 0, in Trial mode, downloaded directly from the Sketchup website – May 2011) 3- Once Installed, but not Opened: A- Goto HD / Applications / Google Sketchup 8 / SketchUp B- Right-click Sketchup and select – Show Package Contents C- Goto Contents / MacOS / D- Replace the SketchUp file with Sketchup from the Cracks folder 4- Do the same procedure on both LayOut and Style_Builder – Right click, Show Package Contents, goto Contents/MacOS and replace the respective files with the Cracked versions. – Making sure you are still offline, open Sketchup and keep a note of the exact Time you opened it! A- Goto SketchUp/File/Preferences/General and un-tick Automatically Check for updates. 6- Close Sketchup Sketchup will have now created hidden files for which it depends on to expire the Trial. For the following you will need to show hidden files in Finder. If you don’t know how to do that, best do your own research. 7- With hidden files shown in Finder: A- Goto HD / Library / Application Support /


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In Finder, order the files column by Date Modified, you should find a hidden file looking something like this . hkzftzgrc It may have a different variation of lettering but if it was Modified the same time you ran Sketchup then that’s the file you want to Lock. (Select the file, Press Command-I, and tick the Lock box) B- Goto HD / (your username) / Here again you should find another hidden file looking like . hkzftmgrc . Making sure it was created the same time you opened Sketchup, lock this one too. – Extra precautions – it’s been suggested to lock – HD / (your username) / Preferences / com. google. sketchuppro8. plist – but this will also lock ALL your preset options within Sketchup. I’m not sure this is necessary. Also a file to Lock may be created here – HD / (your username) / Caches / com. google. sketchuppro8 /Cache. db – but it was not generated on my installation And It wouldn’t hurt either to un-tick ‘Check For Updates’ in LayOut and Style_Builder That’s it, hope it works for you, Enjoy!

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