Responsibility of Human Resources Coordinator

Human Resources Coordinator: Supports the efficient operations of the Human Resources Department by coordinating and delivering a diverse range of Human Resources Management activities with a focus on recruitment, on-boarding & induction training, Human Resources system administration, organization development and information management. Business Plans: To work closely with Government, health practitioners, researchers, cancer advocacy groups, charities and cancers sufferers to help eradicate cancer.
Business Goals: To eradicate cancer by reducing smoking prevalence. Ever exposure to ultraviolet light by behavior modification, create healthy environments thus having healthier lifestyles for patients, increasing cancer survival rates by encouraging screening participation, improving earlier detection, reducing cancer outcome variations, reducing the gap between outcomes and the care patients receive by defining key areas, Improve models of service delivery, embedding health services research In cancer care and arranging policies & procedures to support them.
Policies & Procedures: Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009, Annual Reports & Cancer Plans, NEWS Cancer Plan 2011-2015, Conflict of Interest, Corporate Credit Card, Corporate Governance Statement, Data Governance, Employee Code of Conduct & Ethics, Fraud & Corruption Control Strategy, Information Technology – Third Party Service Management, Public Interest Disclosures Policy, Receiving gifts & benefits, Records Management, Reporting Corrupt Conduct to IAC, Responding to Requests for Information & Advice, Smoke Free Workplace and Sponsorship. ) Goals Coordinate the on-boarding of new staff Coordinate the separation of exiting staff Coordinate Performance Development Process (PDP) cycle milestones Coordinate organization wide training initiatives Coordinate organization wide reward and recognition programs The Human Resources (HRS) Coordinator’s role is to ensure the above goals are met by working independently as well as working closely with HRS Management. By gathering the required Information, the HRS Coordinator must take it and use It accordingly to the organizations polices and procedures.


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The HRS Team can only function correctly if everyone plays their part. The HRS Coordinators primary role is to coordinate – to reduce plans for the organization in order for the organization to follow them in accordance with policy and procedure. 3) KIP: On-boarding Staff – Produce letters of employment offer, develop starter kits for new staff and organize enrolment into HRS Learning Systems for new staff. KIP: Separation of Exiting Staff – Conducting exit interviews, produce separation checklists, closure of employee profiles and removal of employee from HRS Systems.
KIP: PDP Cycle Milestones – Develop documentation & follow-up to ensure milestones are completed in accordance with organizational requirements and generate a rarity of performance outcome reports. KIP: Organization Wide Training Initiatives – Organize invitations to get people involved in training, keep a formal attendance record, organize qualified facilitators to train students, keep & maintain training calendar for important training dates (assessments) and book venues for training to be held.
KIP: Coordinate Organization Wide Reward & Recognition Programs – Be in charge of the organizing and running of the Purple Jersey Program, distribution of movie & lunch vouchers and developing 5 year service awards by keeping track of employee attendance. The above Kepi’s will be used to measure goal-related performance by how well each task is performed. Every goal that each employee completes makes up the organizations overall performance outcome. Every task has its own set of conditions and difficulties.
These conditions and difficulties can vary from minimal to maximum depending on what the task is and how the task is handled. By using the urgent-important matrix, we can eliminate the most important tasks first and work on the smaller tasks at a later time that way the sit of tasks does not seem as bad as originally planned as they are broken up into more manageable tasks. By using the matrix, it can eliminate the stresses of having so much on one’s plate to do.
It will make it easier to look at each task and say “It is manageable” or “l can achieve this” instead of lacking the confidence to do so. 4) Coordinate organization wide training initiatives Coordinate PDP Cycle Milestones Coordinate separation of exiting staff Coordinate organization wide reward and recognition programs The two goals that I choose to develop work plans for are: I chose these two goals as I believe they are the most important tasks to manage for the organization would be going nowhere. Putting on new staff replaces those that exit the organization.
I will maintain a healthy work-life balance by finding my best two hours of the day to strongly strive awards getting my urgent-important tasks done. I also truly believe that work stays at work and home stays within home boundaries – do not mix the two together as it can cause problems in either area. My stress levels can be managed by sticking to my work plan of doing the urgent-important tasks first to eliminate worrying about trying to do several tasks at once. I can maintain my health by taking regular breaks away from the computer screen as it is unhealthy to be sitting staring at a computer the brief walk from my desk to the staff room and back.

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