Report/presentation | Management homework help

Report/presentation | Management homework help


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Develop an IT Strategy for a firm of your choice.

Pick an industry / sector* and consider a firm (real or imaginary) operating in that sector. Develop or state the overall business strategy. This business strategy must be seizing opportunities and fending off threats Then based on the overall strategy, develop the IT Function Strategy for the firm explaining in detail how IT would help the firm strategy, what projects should be undertaken, what actions should be taken both in the long term and the mezo-term (medium run). It should include which resources are needed and how they would be sourced.

While developing the strategy you should be proposing multiple alternatives and show which alternative is better than the others using effectiveness metrics.

The report might include the following sections

Introduction (tell about your industry and your firm)
Problem definition (tell about the threats and opportunities)
Analysis (main part: includes strategy development process)
Results/Conclusion (your solutions, your strategy)
References (must be included)
The assignment can be (and in fact should be) done in groups. You will also present your report on-line. Please also prepare a short presentation. Consider the presentation as an oral exam.

* Your sector could be for profit, not-for-profit, non-governmental or governmental


Introduction                      10 pts

Problem Statement        20 pts

Analysis                              50 pts

References                        10 pts

Wording 2000

Any student failing to show his/her contribution to the groupwork during the on-line presentations might get a lower grade than the group (report) grade.

course-Management information systems 
Group Members-2

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