Relevant Clinical Questions

Relevant Clinical Questions

Evidence-based practice is crucial in nursing. It involves the application of a conscientious approach to making judicious nursing decisions and providing nursing care using the current best evidence of care to individual patients. The approach integrates the nurse’s personal expertise on the underlying health problem with the most up to date and relevant findings on the health issue. It also takes into consideration other factors such as the patient’s values, preferences, and history. The practice is essential in the nursing profession as it strives towards producing positive health outcomes in a cost-effective manner that will not only improve the patient’ health but also the quality of the health system.

According to NYU Libraries (2018), PICO process is a technique used in evidence-based models to frame answerable and researchable clinical questions. In Jeff’s clinical scenario, the clinical question that would yield the most relevant and best evidence would be: “what is the effectiveness of acupuncture in helping long-term smokers quit smoking?” The background of the question would be to find out the health benefits of acupuncture in relation to smoking. The clinical question can also be presented in the PICOT format to help yield the best patient-specific intervention finding. The PICOT question would be: “In an over thirty years smoker, how effective is acupuncture in comparison to other modes of intervention in helping to quit smoking successfully?”

To answer the clinical question, the researcher needs to employ the best study. Secondary sources such as textbooks and previous and present research literature on acupuncture and other related interventions on long-term smoking can help the researcher acquire an evidence-based practice on the issue. The researcher may also interview Jeff to find out which modes of intervention were unsuccessful to him before so as to eliminate some and try to establish the possible reasons for their failure. Past clinical or therapeutic records of successful interventions to long-term smoking can also help come to a conclusion that will help Jeff quit the health-threatening habit.

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