reflection paper #2 Please use my d.b from week3-5 on contmep topics

      Your second reflection paper topic is about terrorism, mass protests, and mass shootings.  This is essentially the second half of the semester.  The directions for this are the same as the first reflection paper:
Here are some things to think about: what you saw happening in each of the incidents.  The who, when, why.  You can include things such as similarities and differences.  Opinions are acceptable, but keep in mind what actually happened.  For example, do not place blame for an incident on a certain cause without reviewing the literature and videos.  I would like you to also think about the suspects, the victims, circumstances, and locations.  Think critically as to why these happened at these places and if there are connections to what previously happened and even other incidents.  Summarize what happened, what you learned, and how these incidents affect you.  
You have some freedom as to how you structure the paper, but ensure you have an introduction, body, and conclusion.  I have attached a general rubric for the paper; it is worth 25 percent of your final grade.  The papers should be in the range of 1,000 words.  You can deviate slightly from this, but please note that papers that are far under or over this range may be penalized by a letter grade.  Submit the assignment through Blackboard via the link provided. 
I have also included in the “Reflection Paper Guides and Assessment” folder some material that can be helpful in writing a reflection paper.  For example, it is ok to speak in first person language (“I”) since it is a bit different 


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