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Fall 2020  PSY 321 Lab Assignment 2


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Due on Monday, 9/14/2020 by 11:59 p.m.

The purpose of this assignment is to become familiar with how to conduct an effective article search in PsycINFO. There are many tools available in the database that enable you to do effective article searches. This assignment introduces you to only a few of them to give you an idea of the options that are available in the database. Please type your answers into the spaces provided below and then upload this document to the dropbox in for Lab assignment 2 on our lab Canvas site.

STEP 1: How to PsycINFO on CSUN Library Website

  • https://library.csun.edu/
  • Click on “Databases”button
  • Click on “Psychology” link under “Databases bySubject”
  • Click on “PsycINFO (EBSCO)”link”


STEP 2: Pick topic related to psychology (e.g., persuasion, memory, learning, attention, etc.) that interests you.


STEP 3: Type your topic into the 1stPsycINFO’s top search box and click “search”

How many results didyouget?                      (number is shown at top of your searchresults)

STEP 4: Click on “Advanced Search” and select all of the following three boxes: “Apply related words”, “Also search within the full text of the articles”, and “Peer Reviewed”. Click on “search”.

How many results do you getnow?                                  

STEP 5: Think of an aspect of your topic that you would like to explore and select another variable that you would like to explore as it relates to your first topic. Enter a key word for this other variable in the boxbelow (e.g. add “sleep” to a search on “mood regulation” to search for studies on the relationship between mood and sleep).  Keywordadded                                

Click on “search”.   How many results do you getnow?                                 

STEP 6: Under “Source Types”, select “Academic Journals”.  How many results did you getnow?       

STEP 7: Scroll down and open dropdown menu for “Methodology” on the left-side of the screen. Select “quantitative study”.  How many results do you getnow?                                  

STEP 8: Change the date range to the last 10 years (2010 – 2020) under “Limit To” on the left side of the screen. How many resultsnow?                              

STEP 9: With the results you get after STEP 8, take some time to read through the abstracts of articles that look interesting to you. Select one that interests you. Please write the Title, Authors and Date of publication below:



Year of publication:

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