Policy paper subject international human rights

Write a policy paper for the United Nations General Assembly explaining which global issue should be given
priority in the coming years. You should outline some of the main topics and concerns within one of the
following issue areas. International Human Rights. You should then provide an argument for why your chosen
issue area deserves the most attention and resources from the global community in the near future. The
following components should be in your paper:
Introduction- introduce what you are going to accomplish in the paper. (Tell me the plan of your paper.)
Analysis of the issue area that deserves the most attention- introduce the issue area that you will argue is the
most important for the international community (choose among global security, international political economy,
international human rights and global environmental politics) as it has been discussed in class. Explain some of
the major topics and concerns within the issue area that the global community will have to deal with. What are
some important examples of current events that demonstrate these concerns? (This will be the longest section
of your paper.)
Position on why this issue area deserves the most attention- give your opinion on why this issue area deserves
the most attention in the near future from the international community (why it should be given priority for
attention and resources). Explain why you think this (why this issue area over the others?). Suggest some
concrete measures that the international community should take to address this issue. (This will be the second
longest section of your paper.)
Conclusion- wrap up your argument.
Your audience for this policy paper is international policy-makers with a general background in IR- but not
these particular issue areas (this means that concepts need to be defined and explained). The paper needs to
be 4-5 pages (each page should be numbered), double-spaced with 12-point font and 1-inch margins around
each page.


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