Peer Pressure

You will write a summary of 3 research articles on a topic from the course.


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You must obtain a minimum of 3 original research articles from scientific psychology journals related to your topic. Acceptable journals include Child Development, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Infant Behavior, and Development, or any other Psychology research journal or professional journal in a related field. Newspapers, magazines, and websites do not count!

You must read these 3 articles, and write a detailed summary of each one. In each summary you should include the following information:

a) The purpose of the research study

b) the hypothesis the authors were testing

c) what methods they used to test their hypothesis (e.g., surveys, interviews, observations, etc),

d) who the participants were and what were their ages

e) what the researchers concluded based on their statistical results

f) and did the authors discuss or support any developmental theories you have learned about in this course?

On a concluding page, you should try to integrate the findings from the 3 articles. Do the articles agree or disagree with each other? Which developmental theories are they supporting if any? Do they come to a general consensus on the topic? For information on  Peer Pressure check on this:

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