Paper summary review | Electrical Engineering homework help

Paper summary review | Electrical Engineering homework help


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 Please read through the paper and give a brief summary. 
You need to follow the instructions well.
 I need a one and half pages paper review of the attached file. Requirements are below.
 Format Requirement :
 • Single Column, moderate margin layout. 
 • Title Font: 16 pt Bold; 1.5x Line Space. In the title area, please identify which paper is summarized. 
 • Paragraph: 12 pt; 1.15x Line Space. 
 Content Evaluation :
 The evaluation of the paper reading summary will be based on the following perspective: • If the technical article’s content has been well summarized in the report regarding the motivation and contribution; 
 • If the technical article’s strength and weakness have been well presented in the report; 
 • If there is any critical comment raised in the report to address the potential technical issues in the article; 
 • If there the student refers more articles from the reference list. 

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