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The originality checker generates a report for each paper submitted. This is especially important in determining the originality of the research paper. Every part that is copied word for word from another source has to be enclosed between quotation marks and has to be accompanied by a citation that tells the reader the source of the quotation. 
Note also that the number of quotations is limited to three: 2 two short quotations, not to exceed 2 lines each, and one long quotation 4- 6 lines. The rest of the paper has to be in your own words and sentence structure. Changing a word here or there is not enough. 
The entire paper should not show more than 12% plagiarism, spread over the sources used. 
After you submit your paper, check for the originality report. If it exceeds the acceptable percentage, you may fix it and submit it again as long as the paper has not been graded. 
If box is a Turnitin box, it does allows submissions and resubmissions up until the due date. On and after the due date, it will allow submission only.  
A paper cannot receive credit if the essay part does not meet the standards of word count, grammar, language, tone, and format,  even if the citations and the works cited page are perfectly formatted. 
A paper that has no citations is not a research paper and cannot receive credit even if it is well structured and well developed in good language and grammar. 
A paper that does not address the approved or topic will not be accepted. 
Here is the breakdown of the grade of the research paper 
Essay: 50% (relevant ideas- integration of sources- structure of essay, development, coherence, etc…)
Citations: 25% content and format 
Works Cited page: 25% content and format 


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My paper is not in chronological order. It does not tell a story or the history of a place for more than one paragraph.It does  not tell a number of stories or an extended story. 
My paper has no subtitles: this paper is too short to be divided into segments, each with its own title. 
My paper has has one highlighted citation from every source that I used to write it.  
If my paper has quotations,  2 quotations are not more than 2 lines each,  and 1 set off quotation that is not more than 6  line. And my quotations are not highlighted.
My paper is 1,500-1,700 of my own words, not counting the quotations, the works cited page, the title and the personal information. 
My paper (including citations and the works cited page) is properly formatted in MLA. My paper follows the rules of capitalizing titles. 
My paper is written in Standard Language. 
My paper follows the rules of grammar and capitalization.
What topic did you choose for your research paper? 

Devastating Effects Alcohol Has on Users. 

What is your thesis statement? 

Alcohol is considered a gateway drug in a sense, and may lead to the usage of other substances, and possibly tear families apart. 

What is your outline? 

Why do people start drinking? 
Can alcoholics still function? 
How does alcoholism affect families? 
What health issues come with drinking alcohol? 

List one of your sources complete with url (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. 
Relevance-This website speaks on the effects alcoholsim and other drugs have on users and their families from parent who lost her daughter due to alcoholism and drug abuse. 
Reliable-This website is represented by the state of florida, and has a published article on behalf of a parent who lost her child. 
Recent- website articles speak on issues relevant in the present 

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