Online concert report | English homework help

Online concert report | English homework help


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I-Pick a concert from either group 
1- Listen and watch the entire Group
2- Use a pad and pen while you listen and watch. This is so you can take notes
about the concert and the pieces performed.
3- Be sure to include a general summary of the entire concert/group.
4- Include the program and ticket stub (if available).
5- Describe the performers, instruments used and the overall mood of the
6- Describe anything unusual or out of the ordinary.
7- Mention each of the pieces played and your reaction to them.
8- Use our listening checklist at the event to record the basics on paper.
9- You will have to elaborate and expand your checklist into sentences when
you write your paper.

II-Your Main Goal:
1- Using the musical parameters and vocabulary we have learned, describe the
entire concert and each piece played.
2- Then concentrate on your favorite piece and describe it in great detail.
3- Try to note as many parameters as you can.
4- I want to hear your reactions, so it is okay to assume the role of a concert
reviewer or critic.
5- You may be positive or negative in your reviews, however, be prepared to
back up what you say in musical terms as well as emotional reactions.
6- Do not provide “one word” responses, please compose a paper.
7- You may relate the pieces played at this event to other appropriate works of
art, stories, history, literature, current events, or even music played in class.

Here is the source of information
Group A
Ludwig Von Beethoven; 9th Symphony.
Riccardo Muti, Conductor. Includes all movements
Play the whole symphony

Michael Dorrity; Brooklyn Bridge. Movement; North
U.S. Army Concert Band. Andrew Esch, Conductor
Start playing this at 36:44 – 44:58

Ennio Morricone; La Bon, La Bruta, et La Truend.
Ennio Morricone, Conductor. Start playing this from 1:04 – 4:05

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