Oklahoma City College Selling the Benefits of a City and Its Venue Case Study


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Chapter Review

Case Study

Selling the Benefits of a City and Its Venue

College and professional sports are economy boosters for their host cities. The stream of revenue to the local economy generated by excited fans comes from the sale of tickets, hotel room rentals, car rentals, restaurant meals served, gasoline sales, parking fees, and vendor sales. The sales become even greater when a team is winning.

Cities such as Lincoln, Nebraska; Columbus, Ohio; Tallahassee, Florida; and Baton Rouge, Louisiana count on the revenue generated by sell-out crowds during the college football season. Stadiums that hold from 82,000 to 102,000 fans provide an economic windfall for the college communities where they are located.

Some fans of professional sports teams, such as the Chicago Cubs and Green Bay Packers, are loyal no matter how well their team is performing. These faithful fans provide a steady flow of revenue to the sports program and surrounding communities.

College World Series Wars?

Cities that host major sporting events understand the financial benefits. Omaha, Nebraska, appreciates the millions of dollars poured into the city during the annual College World Series. Zesto’s, a popular fast-food restaurant, has truckloads of food rolling in each day to meet the demands of customers from all over the United States.

The event has been voted the Best Annual Local Event and ranks as the third-most important state tourist attraction, according to a survey conducted by Omaha Magazine. The revenue from this two-week event has attracted the attention of other cities, such as Oklahoma City, that would like the opportunity to host the event in the future. Economic experts estimate that the College World Series generates more than $40 million for the Omaha economy. It is no wonder that other cities would like to host this event.

Omaha tore down Rosenblatt Stadium, the former home of the College World Series, to build the new $131-million TD Ameritrade Park Omaha that has 24,505 seats. Omaha must continue to demonstrate topnotch hospitality so that the College World Series event planners continue to choose Omaha as its host city.

Think Critically

  1. Why is it important for Omaha to continue hosting the College World Series? Consider both financial and non-financial benefits.
  2. What are some of the greatest sources of revenue for cities that are home to popular college and professional sports teams?
  3. How can hosting a major event like the College World Series help a city develop a national image? Explain your answer.
  4. List ten good food items for vendors to sell at the College World Series.

400+ Words, 3+ References, 25 Points, APA Formatting.

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