Nurs435w2promt.the dynamics of trust model

Nurs435w2promt.the dynamics of trust model


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Researching Conflict Models
Research a scholarly case study or article about one of the conflict resolution models you are considering for your final paper, and discuss the model and a situation in which the model applies. Share a real or perceived conflict. Then, discuss which of the six sources could be identified and explain the best approach to resolve the conflict in the identified source(s).

Share why you are considering this model for your final paper.
Describe the model and apply any situation you have had that applies to it.
Explain your response and provide examples.

The dynamics of trust model ( only use this library sources)
Franceschini, S., & Marletto, G. E. (2019). The dynamics of trust during public participation. Papers in Regional Science, 98(4), 1713–1729.
Zahedi, F. “M., & Song, J. (2008). Dynamics of trust revision: using health infomediaries. Journal of Management Information Systems, 24(4), 225–248.
Knapp, J. R., Sprinkle, T. A., Urick, M. J., & Delaney-Klinger, K. A. (2019). The belonging model of trust. Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 30(1), 133–153. USE THIS REFERENCES TO DO THIS PROMPT

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