Narrative Argument Essay

Essay #1: Narrative Argument Essay


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Write a narrative essay about an incident that took place in your life. As with all essay formats, this essay will have a beginning, middle, and end. Your essay will include the following:

A description of events leading up to a specific incident that occurred at a specific time in your life. Use concrete and sensory detail, description, and dialogue to engage the reader.
A turning point where something happened that shifted your perspective or changed your ideas about the world.
A reflection of that incident and the turning point. How did it affect you then and how does it affect your life now? How did it change you and what did you realize or learn through the experience?
This assignment should be written in the first person (“I”) and in the past tense (“I was walking down the street” instead of “I am walking down the street”). You will most likely include the present tense when you are reflecting on the incident (“Now I understand what happened that morning”).


Essay #2: Proposal Argument Essay

The purpose of this assignment is to learn how to craft a successful proposal argument using the elements of persuasion covered in this class. You will propose a solution to the problem you addressed in your evaluation essay. You will incorporate the use of ethos, pathos, and logos to persuade your audience. You will also conduct further research on your topic and use proper MLA documentation to cite your sources in your work.

Write a proposal argument that clearly states your opinion on a current topic and makes a proposal for change. One way to generate ideas for this assignment is to ask: What makes me upset or angry about current practices, policies, or attitudes about this topic? Begin making a list of those things that you’d like to see change. Choose a topic that affects us all and that others can do something about (and that is related to Essays #1).

To be successful with this assignment, be sure your proposal focuses on one solution and that it is specific and not too broad. For example, proposing that the U.S. government put more money into school arts programs is too broad a topic of this essay. It would be more manageable to focus on a specific art form, a specific age group, and a feasible way to expose students to that art form in our current economic climate. For example, you might propose that in order to increase high school students’ exposure to the dramatic arts, teachers should incorporate small-group presentations in which students dramatize important events they learn about in history class.

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