Mod 6 unit writing paper

Mod 6 unit writing paper


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Module 7 assignment comes from Chapter 18: The Tough Questions all Leaders Need to Ask of Themselves in the Language of Leaders textbook by Murray.
Instructions for this Assignment
Using Microsoft Word, write a response paper that addresses the following:
Answer the 12 questions in Murray, Ch. 18, with brief paragraphs rather than a numerical rating. Reflect carefully upon how you know what you think (evidence). As Murray instructs, “Try to begin to understand how inspiring you are as a leader by assessing your own skills, and then corroborating your views with those of your employees or direct reports [or classmates!].”
Be sure to include a clear linkage to concepts and at least the following learning outcome (LO1): Practice particular models of persuasive writing or speech.
Your paper should be at least 2 pages, double-spaced and include a centered title. Any sources used should be properly cited in APA format.

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