Mathmatical Process

Reys, R.E., Lindquist, M. M., Lambdin, D.V.,& Smith, N.L. (2009). Helping Children Learn Mathematics (11th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.


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For the following question (only question 1) the person assigned are to read and study their section carefully and then report out on their section in a creative manner. (For example-rather than a typical written summary-write a song, rap, poem, news report, public service announcement, press release, or make an advertisement, design a table/chart, make a poster, sign or other graphic display. Or any other creative method you can come up with that can be accessed then by all members of the class.) When you post these reports please be sure to create a thread title listing the section you are reporting out on so we can all be sure we are following the different threads. 
1.  What does it mean to teach math through problem solving? What “signposts” for teaching guide this approach? P. 103-4 

Problem solving strategies poster. For the following problem (question 2 only) solving strategies, the assigned individual is to create a summary and graphic. This needs to be completed in a Word document. The summary should be one or two sentences at most defining/describing the strategy and the graphic should be a photo, clip art or SmartArt type graphic that illustrates the strategy. You will email your strategy summary and graphic to me and I will compile into a poster then make the poster available to everyone.  You may use the text and other resources to help inform you on the assigned strategy.  

2.  Use Logical Reasoning 

 3. After reading the section in the text on ‘Finding Problems’ page 109. Do some searching yourself for finding problems (books/texts you have, online resources) and share what you find. This search and sharing can be beneficial to all as your work on your Problem Solving Dossier Assignment. 

 4. My dog is half as old as me. My mother is double my age. How old might we each be? 

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