Marketing resreach | Marketing homework help

Marketing resreach | Marketing homework help


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Watch the videos, then add your own brand stories.  You must do BOTH items

Start a thread with the name of a winning brand and the area of success (e.g., Atari wins on Innovation) OR a losing brand and the area of failure (e.g., Pan Am loses on Customer Engagement).

Explain why you believe this brand is winning/losing (in 300 words or less)
What are they doing right/wrong?  
Is this something that has changed or have they always been “good/bad” in this area?
Is this a brand that you use now or have used in the past?

If so, what do/did you like about it?
If not, why have you not used this brand?

Has market/marketing research helped them?

If so, how has it helped?  You can speak about activities you know or suspect they have done to guide their strategy.
If not, how could it help?  Talk about what you might recommend to help them.

Would you say that they are more “product-focused” or “consumer-focused”?  Why?

Find an existing thread with the name of a winning/losing brand and area of interest with which you agree and add your comments (as described above) to that discussion.

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