MAN 3022 Florida State University Intel General Manager in Israel Discussion


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I need help with a Management question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Hello! I need help in my Intro to Management class case study. It’s about answering three questions “To Close or Not? (Chapter 12, page 356)” from the book. I’ve already included the page in the attachment


Cases should be 2-3 pages in length and include a one-page summary and review of the case prior to answering any and all discussion or review questions. The case summary is meant to inform the reader of what the case was about and and what the main themes and points of the case were. The subsequent one to two pages should focus on answering the questions posed, including personal insight, example, and opinions, This should be done in essay format and follow in the same style and format as your first page summary. The questions themselves should not be included.

Please include a cover page in APA format, please type out each question and then answer it. Information for the case study is found in your syllabus.

Please also note the following:

1. The case is from your book. Case Study II “To Close or Not? (Chapter 12, page 356)”

2. Type out each question, then provide a full paragraph answer. Be detailed! Please ensure your work is thorough and the questions are answered completely.

3. Please make sure your paper is formatted in APA style. You should have a cover page (title page) for this assignment. Pay careful attention to formatting, spelling. It is worth a substantive portion of your grade so I hope you have taken my advice and started on it early in the week.

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