ICT GCSE problems

If you were to continue to make this website from a different computer, without the ability of the software and hardware that you used before, you would not be able to create the same effect. Another disadvantage to using a computer is the health and safety matters, this can include repetitive strain injury, eyestrain, back problems, ozone irritation, radiation, epilepsy and stress. Although, many of these problems can be solved.
Making sure you adjust your VDU in a comfortable place (where you don’t strain your eyes, neck etc) can be very helpful. Purchasing an office chair, and adjusting it to the right height and position may cure a lot of these problems too. Also, making sure your familiar with what you’re using or doing on the computer will reduce a lot of stress. Having suitable lighting in the room can reduce the risk of eyestrain. Also, taking breaks from using the computer, and not using it for long periods of time.
Our school system is automatically virus protected, so there are no problems with viruses on the computer system. However, if there were to be a virus, this could prove very dangerous, and could completely ruin a computer system. Lots of work has been lost due to computer systems not using virus protection software. I saved my work in a folder called “ICT GCSE Coursework”. In this folder there is a separate folder called “Project 1”. Inside this folder is all the web pages, write-ups, sources and images used for this project. Each file is saved with an appropriate name, (e.g. My write up is saved as writeup.doc)


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I used web-editing software to create the website. This task would have been impossible without a computer, as the website can only be viewed using a computer with a web browser. Alternative ways to produce information about my topic would have been writing booklets or producing posters. I think creating a website is more effective, as you can view the site world wide using a computer which is connected to the Internet. Save your work regularly, the computer may crash and your work will be lost.
Smoke can damage computers. Do not allow smoking near computers. Store backups in a secure location, as if a computer system goes down you will have backups of your work. Food and drink are common causes of computer damage. Don’t eat or drink near your computer. Log off when you are finished using your computer Don’t put your machines behind glass walls where people can watch passwords being typed in. Sit properly and comfortably Do not move or adjust equipment without permission. Bring only what you need into the room. Use the equipment in an un-appropriate manner. Remember your password and keep it secure Do not interfere with other computers

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