HST 101 Essex County College Hebrews and Canaanites Thesis Statement


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part 1 — 2 things. First, find the sentence in this opening section that you think is the thesis statement. Quote the actual sentence (write it down) in this dsicussion. Tell us WHY you think that is the thesis statement and INTERPRET what you think that thesis statement means. Second, tell us (based on reading through page 19) why you think that it became more and more difficult over time for Hebrew society to justify enslavement of Canaanite people. Read it carefully around pages 18 to 19 to understand….(( please i need it in 3 hours the due ))

part 2 — Use examples to explain the process of how the myth of Ham moved from the Jewish world and arrived in the Muslim world. How did West African slaves become the final Sons of Ham for European Christians? What is the relationship between religion, slavery and racism in the context of Jewish, Christian and Muslim society? take your time in that

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