HIS 101 DASU American History Triumph of the Middle Class & WW II Discussion


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A Valuable History Lesson

Returning veterans of WW II were given a golden opportunity by the federal government to change their collective futures by utilizing the benefits that were available to them under the GI Bill. Attempting to avoid another postwar debacle like the Bonus Army March of WW I veterans, the federal government decided to offer a number of significant benefits to help peacefully and productively return the American soldier to society.

1.Identify two specific benefits that were made available to the returning GI’s ….

2.How did these returning veterans reshape America through their utilization of these benefits? …

3.Be sure that your response references “specific” examples.

4.There is a modern day version of the GI Bill that is offered to our returning soldiers of today ….

5.Does this current GI Bill serve as an acknowledgement that the government can learn an important “history” lesson from its recent past practices and experiences? …. Explain ….

and as always, be sure to tell WHY DOES THAT MATTER !

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