Hale s letter to Danforth corrected

Your Honor, Abigail Williams is nothing but a where who wants to dance with John Proctor, an extremely moral man who had dedicated his life to God, on his wife’s grave. The lies that Abigail Williams has cooked up is punishment for John Proctor for taking away her innocence. She is nothing but a where who lusts for John Proctor. Vengeance is running through Salem, Your Honor, and people who have been falsely accused will die; you will have their blood on their hands, Judge Detonator. Will you be able to sleep at night knowing you signed the death warrants of innocent people? Your gavel ill be stained blood-red.
Can you live with your conscience? Your Excellency, the cries of witchcraft are the same cries as a whore’s vengeance fuelled by lust. People with names whiter than white within the community of Salem are having their good name soiled and blackened. Believe that if more people are accused by whore’s like Abigail Williams and you continue to devour their lies, your soul will become blackened and guilt-ridden. Judge Detonator, permit me to proceed, ninety-one people have signed a testament saying that Elizabeth, Martha, and Rebecca are good respected Christian women who loud never compact with Lucifer.
Should ninety-one people lie? Think not. You cannot ignore the people of Salem any longer. You cannot ignore their good opinion or soon there will be no-one left in Salem who you think is somehow is working for the devil. The people of Salem must have known this woman all their lives; if they had compacted with Lucifer, would they have concealed it from their closest friends? If the devil had been working here, why has there not been any sign of the Devil before. You believe the lies Abigail Williams is feeding you with seemingly no care for the normal people f Salem.


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Is there another reason why you are not taking the testament of the god-fearing people of Salem? Seriously? I’ve noticed you sweat like a stallion whenever Abigail Williams is near. She is manipulative , Judge Detonator and you must not fall in her trap. Will you take the words of one child, who is intoxicated by power, over the opinions of ninety-one upstanding members of the community? The ball is now in your court, Judge Detonator. The blood of these respected Christian women will be on your hands, Your Honor. Furthermore, after witnessing Mr..
Jacobs’ testimony in court, it became parent that this trial was never about witchcraft in the first place. This trial is a tale about greed and power, a soulless tale about people who want things that are not theirs. How can a man who can barely stand on his own two feet be accused of terrorizing Ruth Putnam? I would think that if he was under the impression of Lucifer, he would use the power to be able to stand up without any support. Mr.. Putnam is a parasite; sucking the blood out of innocent people for his own fat belly. Rut’s accusations must be dealt with separately and with great care, Your Honor.
Giles Corey swears to a deposition that Putnam forced Ruth to cry witchcraft in an attempt for more land. Corey had been in court more than twenty times, winning every case, Your Honor. Surely, you can emphasize and draw the conclusion that Corey is reliable and trustworthy and that his deposition must be considered with great thoughts and wisdom. Plead with you to look at the evidence again. If you want the blood of Mr.. Jacobs on your hands, you should listen to the lies that Ruth Putnam is feeding you instigated by her father, the very greedy Mr.. Putnam.
How could you not believe the words of John Proctor? Why the man with the rest name in Salem throw away his good name after claiming to be an adulterer? It is in my good opinion that Abigail Williams seeks vengeance on John Proctor for taking her innocence. Elizabeth lied to protect her husband, just like any women would lie to protect her family life, children and husband. Even someone like Goody Proctor, who has never told a lie before. This is a natural lie to tell. I beg of you, your Honor, to reconsider your decision on sending Elizabeth to the jailhouse. You must ensure that this trial is fair.
Telling Proctor and Abigail to stand with their backs facing Elizabeth was not a air way to question her. You are a noble judge. We saw John Proctor break down in court and this is not the behavior of a man who is trying to deceive or undermine the court or the trial. Your Excellency, Proctor is a well-respected farmer and his wife has no mark upon her name. They are good souls who don’t deserve to be hanged due to the lies of Abigail Williams and the girls. Abigail is hell-bent on seeking vengeance on Proctor. Abigail is comparable to Lucifer. She pulled the wool over your eyes , the girls and even me at the beginning.
But I saw this presence and soon will you. She has deceived most people in the village including you. Can see she has played you like a violin and Your Honor , it seems you cannot hear enough of this wretched symphony. Beg of you, see through the evil surroundings of Abigail Williams. F you kill these innocent souls, your hands will be stained blood-red. The blood of the innocent people you have killed. Your gavel , the paper you sign , the table and your soul will be stained with blood. In addition, the women we have already convicted of witchcraft are of the lowest status in Salem: a lunatic and a beggar.
As the local beggar, there is not only one person in Salem who Goody Osborne has not annoyed with her requests for bread and cider. I can imagine there are a lot of people happy to see her locked up. But, consider Your Honor, does being poor equate to being a witch? Surely Lucifer would find it too easy to win the soul of a beggar! If Lucifer had taken Goody Osborne soul, why is she still poor? She is not such a fool to part with her soul for anything less than abundant money. Sarah Good, the local lunatic is in the same position- surely you see this? The local people are afraid of her trance mumblings and behavior.
It is easy to cry witch on someone who is not in sound enough mind to defend herself. Judge Detonator, I humbly ask you to think more on these two individuals, there really is no sufficient evidence to send them to the jailhouse as they are just poor unfortunate souls. Finally, Sir, it’s in my good Opinion that the accused are good people with pure souls. They are innocent and they have been caught up in a web of lies, Judge Detonator. You know as well as do that Abigail Williams and Thomas Putnam are not reliable enough to cause the deaths of innocent people.

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