Hae’s Murder

Hae orchestrated her own murder with the help of a third party to frame Adnan. Suppose the plan was to plant Hae’s body in Adnan’s car in order to frame Adnan. Hae’s accomplice mistook Jay for Adnan (or followed Adnan’s car, that Jay borrowed), and Adnan discovered Hae’s body in Adnan’s car, freaked out, and either confronted Adnan and they both buried the body together, or buried the body himself but pointing the finger to Adnan, or just left the body to Adnan to deal with. The anonymous tip came from Hae’s accomplice.
The tip was specific about pinning it on one particular person.The body was buried in a way that wanted to be found (shallow grave of 6 inches). Mr S probably received a tip or heard a rumor about the grave. Someone wanted the body to be found and led to Adnan. If Adnan had premeditated the murder, he could have pre-dug grave or dug deeper grave.
It seems far fetched but we hardly know anything about Hae, except for her diary, her post-breakup letter to Adnan, and some of her Lacrosse buddies called her a tick, as in a very competitive spirit who could not let go.


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The picture she painted of their relationship in her diary sounded like she was more into Adnan than he was. He recounted being upset about the break up for a while but got over it because it’s just high school stuff.She was in love with him despite him calling her the devil, and his sin, and endured public embarrassment by his parents at the homecoming dance.
Adnan and his friends thought it was funny.Aisha recounted that Hae didn’t think it was funny.Hae wrote in her diary that Adnan would have to choose between her or his religion. She believed that love will “conquer all”. She would need to make him see this, that she is above his belief.
She broke up with him, started dating an older guy to make Adnan jealous, to get back at him and in hopes that he would recognize his mistake. Adnan would come running back to her and commit his undying love for her forever religion be-damned. Instead, Adnan got over her and started dating other women, multiple women, and is so casual about it. Hae becomes mad hurt, jealous, and plots her own murder to frame Adnan.
By the time Jay (or Jay and Adnan) discover the body, they’re probably high and freaking out. Adnan (who knew nothing) was probably having a hard time convincing Jay that he didn’t do it and Jay is probably super convinced that Adnan is the killer that his mind “filled in the blanks” by the police investigation and made his story corroborate police findings.
This would explain why his stories change from time to time.They may have disposed of the bodies together. idkThe identity of the anonymous tipper, the story from the neighbor boy about seeing a girl’s dead body in the trunk, the coincidence of finding the body, all make me believe that there is a third person who indirectly pointed to the location of the body and blamed Adnan.

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