Global Healthcare Comparison Matrix and Narrative Statement

Global Healthcare Comparison Matrix and Narrative Statement


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In this paper, the global issue that I selected is population. A population can be defined as the total number of individuals inhabiting a city, country, or area. A community can impact the global either positively or negatively (Thomas et al. 2017). The population can differ in different countries affect each country independently. This discussion will examine the population as a global health issue considering the United States and India as a case study and their adopted approach. The united stated considered the following method of a population which involved; Hispanic origin, sex, age, race, and nativity while India considered the following approach; a holistic approach that involves food and nutrition, contraceptives, culture, and social religious.

Health policies in us for population

Offering contraceptive

Contraceptives can be defined as the method or device used by the female gender to prevent pregnancy. According to US policy, the use of contraceptives is allowed. US government advocates adopting this method by offering free contraceptive methods or devices to citizens (Kline, 2019). In the US, the average family size is at two. According to India, women are not allowed contraceptives due to cultural heritage, religion, ethics, and customs. Indian religion and culture do not tolerate any contraceptive method, and the high and rising population can prove it. Contraceptive is advantageous in controlling a high population rate but also disadvantageous since it can cause impotence.

Legalizing abortion

According to the US, policy abortion is considered legal and ethical. Most hospitals in us offer abortion services to regulate the population. In contrast, abortion in Hindu culture and religion is viewed as a sin in God’s eye. Indian hospitals do not legally or efficiently provide this service. The legalization of abortion will regulate the population, thus improving the health sector. Abortion may cause complications in people’s health since abortion is premature birth and contributes to infants’ death.

Promoting sterilization

The living microorganism destruction is what is referred to as sterilization. Sterilization is legal in the US since individuals have the right to choose their reproductive system’s fate, as stated in the federal law. However, sterilization for both men and women is banned and considered unholy among Indians. Sterilization assists in the eradication of unwanted pregnancy, thus deteriorating the health sector. Whereas, sterilization can contribute to impotence and other health complications

Taxing of big families

According to the US policy, tax is one method used to control the number of family members by the federal government. Large families are a tax for their growing number of their families. Although taxes are charged to large families in us, India’s government has no such policy taxation, thus contributing to their large population. Taxing big families will reduce the population giving the existing population ease accessing health facilities, thus promoting health. This can also affect the health sector negatively.

Public safety, Proper public safety refers to the safety and protection of the entire population. Examples of public safety, proper hygiene, proper disposable of wasteful products, etc. prevent a health hazard.Affordable housing, This is where the housing system can accommodate the general population with fair prices. Housing is a basic need, and without it, it can cause diseases. Examples include the construction of affordable houses. Access to education offers skills and knowledge to the population to help them make informed decisions that won’t depreciate their health—Primary, secondary, tertiary education, etc.Availability of healthy food, eating a balanced diet by the population will promote immunity, thus improving public health. A balanced diet includes vitamins, carbohydrates, vegetables, etc. Availability of health services, health services such as a hospital, is essential in population control and the public’s general health through treatment and vaccination.

In the case of us, the cost is the price of medical care offered to citizens. This is expenditure incurred by the US government to care for those with long-term medicalconditions, aging, and the general population. The Indian government incurs a lot of costs in medical care, which proves to be cumbersome. Due to the smaller population than India, the government can provide a high-quality health system (Philbin et al. 2018). This is almost impossible when it comes to India due to the high population limiting high-quality health to the rich.India is densely populated, making it difficult for all citizens to access health facilities. In the US case, medical care is easily accessed since the government has adequate health centers and assists in financing its citizen medical care.

The health policy selected is prohibiting the use of drugs such as alcohol and tobacco in working places. In India, alcohol and tobacco use is illegal, which will promote better health conditions on their citizen (Mitchell et al. 2018). In the US, alcohol, and tobacco can be used in workplaces, thus deteriorating its citizens’ health. Restricting the use of the above drugs in both countries will reduce the workload of the nurses and reduce the number of people visiting the nurse, thus increasing the nurses’ efficiency due to the low number of individuals seeking their services (Edmonson et al. 2018). Global health issues contribute to health hazards causing congestion in health care centers and increase the formulation of policies to curb these challenges in both countries. Global problems include age, environment, etc. Staff is advocated to ensure a safe and understandable practical environment by the nurse leaders. They also advocate for quality health accessibility and patient safety, and this is achieved by using the leadership position and their voice.

The nurse should advocate for the global perspective incorporation by using their position in health care and their voice. They can advocate for the safety and many practice environment (Al Maini et al., 2020). The impact of the incorporate global perspective I local practices and the role of nursing is demonstrated by how an individual perceives and knows the local people’s culture. A holistic view is expected in nursing to provide care through the diverse population by comprehending local practices. Global perspective in local rules involves using the leader’s nurse position and voice, contributing to safety and health care. These include treatment plans, patient care, etc.


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