Global Developments

To complete this task, watch one recorded session of FIU’s Tuesday Times Roundtable (TTR) event series, which features presentations and conversations on significant local, regional, national, or global developments. Navigate to the (Achtung, link:) Tuesday Times Roundtable Youtube channel (Links to an external site.), pick any recorded session from the first thirty TTR-designated videos on the list (down to “Can Education Change the Fate of Human Rights?”) that interests you, watch it in full, and write a 400- to 500-word critical response essay.


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Questions you may consider in your essay include: What major points were raised? What do you think about the relevance of the subject? Which arguments did you find convincing, and which did not make an impression on you? How does a subject with national or global implications affect your family / your neighborhood / your community? What would be your response to the speaker / the presenters to resolve the key issue / problem? Address aspects like these in thematic paragraphs. State the title of your essay / the topic of the TTR event on the first page.

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The post Global Developments appeared first on Australia Assessments.

The post Global Developments appeared first on Australia Assessments.

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