Final research paper

  • Research Philosophy

The research seeks to provide an exploratory and explanatory type of study on the effects of smartphones on young children under ten years old.This study is based on a quantitative research method that will entail collecting data from a data sample to explain the problem statement (Choy, 2014). This data will be deeply evaluated to discover the true effects that smart phones have on children.


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1.2 Research Strategy

This research will employ two research strategies, which include survey and interview research strategies. These methods involve collecting data from the target sample (Fowler, 2013). The results will be summarized into two different forms, which are descriptive statistics and inference testing. Descriptive statistics is an overall account of certain features of the study. This information will tell us many things about the effects of smartphones on children, such as the average smartphone addiction in children under the age of 10. The data collected will also allow us to make statistical inferences, which will give us even further information regarding our proposed hypothesis.

  • Population

The population of the study will comprise of young children under the age of ten.These children will come from many ethnic and cultural backgrounds in order to prevent any type of statistical bias. The parents of these children will also participate in the study as they will give consent for their children to be involved in the study.The parents will also fill in questionnaires explainingtheir children’s behavior and how they think the use of smartphones has affected them. This will provide us two different viewpoints on the study, instead of just the accounts of the children.It is also important to note that the children will be involved in an interview independently to avoid influence from their parents.

  • Sample

The use of Stratified random sampling will conduct this study. This strategy will help improve the accuracy of the research and minimize the risk of misrepresentation. The sample size will be 100 children with one of their parents from random families. Selecting the sample in this manner will increase the reliability of the study as well as make it more applicable to the general population.

  • Data Collection Method

A questionnaire will be designed with regards to the Likert scale.This means that questions will be answered on a scale from 1 for strongly disagree to 5 strongly agree (Zuckerman, & Rokito, 2011). The questionnaire will also have open-ended questions to determine the relationship between smartphone usage and children’s behavior.These types of questions will allow us to get more in depth information on how the children use their smartphones, as well as how they view their relationship with the phone.The children will engage in an interview where the interviewer will ask them some questions to get more information on their smartphone usage and test how they behave in different situations. Each of these question styles will prove beneficial in collecting the information needed to accurately test out hypothesis.

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