Explain the reasons for the fall of the Romanovs

Explain the reasons for the fall of the Romanovs The cause of the fall of the Romanov dynasty in 1917 was a result of long-term causes including Tsar Alexander’s inability to satisfy his people and Tsar Nicholas II’s inability to rule to throne all together. The Bloody Sunday event, the war with Germany, Rasputin and Tsars bad decisions was also some of the causes which led the Romanovs to fall. It all began in 1894 when Alexander Ill, died leaving his son Nicholas II to become the tsar of Russia at the age of 26. Nicholas was married to
Alexander the princess of Germany which they had 5 children, 4 girls and a boy. The only son Alexis was born with hemophilia. Russia was a huge country with millions of extremely poor farming peasants. These peasants lived horrible lives, many were starting to wonder why the tsar had all the wealth and they had none. In 1905 Russian Revolution was sparked off by a peaceful protest held on January 22nd. Thousands of demonstrators such as students, factory workers, revolutionaries, doctors and teachers marched through the cold and snow covered streets of St
Petersburg to Winter Palace to protest about their lifestyle, led by a Russian Orthodox priest, Father Gapon. When the peaceful protestors arrived they were confronted by troops, which they fired on the crowd. After the firing had finished several hundred protestors lay dead, this event was called ‘Bloody Sunday. In 1907 Nicholas and Alexander had asked a priest called Gregory yefimovich also known as ‘Rasputin’, to help pray and care for their son Alexis when he became sick. He was the representation of everything that was wrong in the Russian autocracy, corrupt, and rrational.


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He was also considered an alcoholic, dirty charlatan who held control over millions of people’s lives, even though Russia had a fairly capable bureaucracy and thousands of well-educated, highly cultured nobles who were interested in local government and the rule of law. In 1914 Russia had entered in WWI, repairing the division between the tsar and his people. Russia was not welled prepared, they still wasn’t industrialized. They were fighting with swords, cannons, and horses against machine guns.
It was very difficult to get medicine, ammunition, and even food to the ront of the armies because railways were incomplete and Just stopped before reaching their supposed destination, the result caused many soldiers to starve. During this war Russia had lost over one million people as casualties and POW’s. Militarily, it wasn’t going too bad until in 191 5 Nicholas had decided to take control of the army himself. It was Rasputin’s and Alexandra’s advice that caused Nicholas to take personal control of the Russian Army, which wasn’t a good idea as he had no military strategic training.
He travelled to the army headquarters in Mogilev, 500km way from Petrograd which led to Tsar Wife Alexander in charge while he was away at war. This caused stir between tsar and his people due to tsar not using the money to help the poor but spending all their money on war. The Germans ended up overthrowing the Russians that people started to think Nikolas and Alexandra were German spies who were sabotaging the war effort. In conclusion the fall of where all peasants marched peacefully but concluded with many deaths, Rasputin and how he convinced tsar to do things, and the tsar bad decision associated also with WW1 against Germany.

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