Using Broadchurch on Netflix season 1 episode 5 using prompt below.


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In this episode, please focus specifically on the sounds–specifically the sound effects and the background music, not the theme that plays at the beginning and end of each episode. How do the sounds help to set the mood? Try viewing one of the scenes without the sound, and then watch it again with the sound and listen for the sound effects and background music specifically. How do the sound effects add to the tension? Do the sound effects seem to be Foley artistry or digital sounds? How does the music help to change your understanding of the events? Why? Compare the music to other styles of music you have heard used in other films and TV shows. Is it more or less effective than other music? Why?

You will have the opportunity to submit up to four essays that will replace your grades for four discussion boards. If you received a low grade on one of the discussion board assignments and would like an opportunity to raise that grade, you may also submit essays to replace your low grades. I will begin accepting replacement essays on November 16th and will continue to do so until the end of November. Each essay must meet the following requirements:

The essay must address the prompt/question presented in the discussion board.
The essay must be formatted using a header which includes your name.
The essay must use a MINIMUM of 300 words, not including your header or title.
You may not use your own or other students’ posts, comments, or replies from the discussion boards in your essay.
You may use quotations from the Crash Course and Broadchurch episodes; however, you must cite your quotations.
You may not use any other source material in your essay.

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