Effective Communication Paper

Communication is important for any kind of environment. The technique, which has been effective and ineffective at the same time, is the team approach and feedback. These techniques are good because this will allow a person to receive feedback and improve in any areas that an individual needs to improve. This can be useful in health care work because of how some health care workers are already doing self-assessments. Self-assessments are important because this will allow the team to improve and, allow the team to brainstorm any ideas together by improving together.The most effective technique for sharing information and ideas would be the team approach and feedback.
For the most part the team approach has worked tremendously where I work. They use the team approach because this allows all the employees to show that he or she can work as a team. Team approach is effective because this allows all team members to brainstorm together, increase ideas and improve learning experience, reduced workload and collective security (Schultz, Wilson and Hess, 2010). The team approach has many advantages and disadvantages when working as a team.Some like to work as a team while others do not like to work as a team making this difficult to come together by brainstorming ideas. Techniques that are ineffective are sometimes the team approach and taking feedback positively. Sometimes the team approach did not work because everyone was not willing to do his or her part and left the leader to do the job instead of working as a team.
The team approach has been ineffective because sometimes the scheduling was not right and sometimes the person had different point of views which made this difficult to come to an agreement (Schultz, Wilson and Hess. 010). This can be bad because some of the employee’s that I had worked with wanted to do all the stuff by themselves and, not want any kind of team approach. The feedback sometimes did not work because once he or she receives the feedback some take the feedback to improve his or her self while he or she sometimes ignores the feedback that was given. Once the day was through, they would have comment cards that customers would feel out if the customers had any kind of problem. Sometimes I would receive negative feedback because I had a poor attitude.Knowing that I was going to receive this ahead of time I still did not like the fact that this was negative feedback.


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Knowing that a person can receive negative feedback can make a person not want to function that well as a team. I know when working personally with teams that having a negative attitude about feedback is not good and will not get you anywhere but losing a job. “(Belschak, 2009, para. 2 states this helps to strengthen employees’ education and understanding of outcomes). ” These techniques can be useful in the healthcare by having self-assessments to see how the teams and employees are doing.By having self-assessments this will allow the managers to see how the individuals are doing working as teams or by themselves. This technique is good because this will let the team know the area he or she needs improvement in and, how he or she can improve.
Self-assessments are just letting that person know the feedback of the assessment so that he or she will allow improvement (Moskal, 2010). Most of the healthcare workers now will rely on technology as this is a demand for healthcare workers. Technology can affect this process because some of the jobs might not be ready to use this kind of information.Technology has a major impact because of how technology now uses emails, fax machines, video conferencing and voice messing. Now with technology increasing everyone should have some kind of training if wanting to work in the health care field. The techniques that are effective in the health care system are feedback and team approach. Team approach is turning to be out in all of the business as well as taking classes online.
Working as a team has many advantages as well as the given feedback. Everyone will be able to work closely together feeding off one another as he or she learns from each other along with the feedback and the team approach.

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