Due today in 7 hours……. no late work……

Due today in 7 hours……. no late work……


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this is due in 7 hours…… must have done in 7 hours…. no late work…… 
Read the attachments and then based on the attachments answer the following: 
  Write about 16 things you learned from the Syllabus and Calendar:
· 5 items should be about the assignments and what you find interesting about them and (or not) and what their affect, impact or change may have on your learning
· 2 items should be about the content of the course: Objectives, Student Learning Outcomes and how you think they are important for your growth and development as an educator
· 3 items should be about student/Campus resources
· 5 items should be about the Calendar and how you will organize your time
· And finally, write about what you know about plagiarism and the definition as it pertains to written work

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