Doubt Film

Also, you can watch the 2008 film of Doubt, which is excellent and available through various streaming sources, but there is no DB assignment required. If you would like to mention the films of Streetcar and Doubt in your essay IN ADDITION to the plays to make a point about the differences in the play and the film, you may. BUT YOUR MAIN ARGUMENT MUST BE ON THE PLAYS, with quotations cited in MLA style. THE FILMS CAN ONLY BE MENTIONED IN ADDITION TO THE PLAYS.
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The essay must be typed, 3½-4 ½ pages in length, double-spaced, with 12 point font, 1-inch margins, and quotations cited in MLA style.

Remember that MLA style means that you cite a page number after a quotation. I have provided a link to MLA style on our site, to refresh your memory. You don’t need a “Works Cited” page.

So essentially, you need to:

1) Introduce the texts.
2) Provide brief background information.
3) Present a clear, focused argument in the beginning of the essay, preferably at the end of the first paragraph.
4) Provide specific quotations (cited in MLA style) and examples for support.
4) Provide a title that reflects your argument and includes the names of the For more information on Doubt Film read this:

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